MainStreet Programs

Los Alamos MainStreet has several projects it is currently involved in. We are pleased to offer these programs to visitors and locals alike. From amenities like projectY coworking space, to streetscape projects, farmers markets and arts and cultural events offered by the Creative District, Los Alamos MainStreet is working hard to enhance downtown Los Alamos.


projectY cowork Los Alamos, a collaborative coworking space located at 150 Central Park Square in Los Alamos, New Mexico, serves as a hub for startups, freelancers and others to be connected to like-minded entrepreneurs, business experts, investors and mentors who will help them achieve their personal and professional goals. For more information, visit

Creative District

Los Alamos has the only Creative District in the state of New Mexico. The development of the Creative District serves as a catalyst for supporting and developing service, restaurant, retail, and hospitality businesses within the proposed district. Their focus is to improve the community’s capacity for economic benefit from visitation/tourism. The events provide the perfect reason for visiting and spending time downtown.

Click here for the Creative District Plan


Volunteers (1)Central Avenue Streetscape
This streetscape improvement project is Phase II of a project on Central Avenue. This project implements the approved downtown plan goals of walkability and pedestrian friendliness. It unlocks the development potential of downtown by redeveloping existing streetscape and right of way space into a more aesthetically pleasing and economically viable use. This project enhances pedestrian traffic and vitality in Downtown and offers a “sense of place” for the Creative and MainStreet Districts.

The Capital Outlay grant received by New Mexico MainStreet for this project in the amount of $50,000 will go towards repainting existing light poles so they will all be the same color; replace light fixtures with historically accurate energy efficient LED fixtures; replace deteriorated wood benches with the retro-style benches installed in Phase I of the project; trash and recycling receptacles installed; and bike racks installed. This project is scheduled to be completed in October, 2016.

Farmers Market


Los Alamos Farmer’s Market

2017 Holiday Application


2017 LAFM Dispute Resolution

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Los Alamos Farmers Market Mission Statement